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I can remember the exact moment I got the travel bug, in January 1988. It was in the bazaar in Fez, Morocco. The sound and sight of snake charmers, the smell of leather and dust and garlic snails, the pitched voices and extended hands of the touts all swirling around me. Something clicked in my head, it was culture shock and I couldn’t get enough of it.

It’s hard to believe now but there once was a time of travel before laptops, internet, iphones, indeed before mobile phones. A time where we would sit down at dusk with a cold beer (there were and still are very few places in the world where you cannot find a cold beer when you need one) and write our travel diaries, by pen on paper. And we had to wait until we developed our negatives to know if our photos had come out well.

So on this site I will be writing about my travels now, and also sprinkling in tales of yore, dragged out of my travel diaries that have lingered in the bottom of the drawer.

Top ten things to know about Vicki

  • Nationality – New Zealand – Aotearoa – land of the kiwis and hobbits.
  • Lives – Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia – seduced by sand, surf and sun.
  • Has also lived – London, UK for 10 years from ‘87 to ’97 – a great base to travel from.
  • Pays the bills – as an accountant in the corporate world, mainly startup/tech companies – and enjoys it way more than you might think.
  • Redhead credentials 1.- born boringly fair headed, tending to shades of yellow, once kindly described as strawberry blonde by a loving Nana, embraced the bottled red in my early twenties and never looked back.
  • Redhead credentials 2. – thousands of freckles – although they almost disappeared when I lived in the sunless UK for ten years, now back with a vengence.
  • Redhead credentials 3. – can display a fiery temper when required, so do not talk to me before my first caffeine of the morning.
  • Number of countries visited so far – 82, if the borders would stop changing it would be easier to keep track! Check out: Where I Have Been
  • Favourite past-time – traveling.
  • Favourite things to do while traveling – eat & drink & walk (not necessarily in that order)!


This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me, based on my travels from 1987 to now. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine. My travels and activities are not sponsored, and are paid for by me.

At times I mention places, activities, products, accommodation or services that I use in my travels. Usually I mention them because I like them, sometimes I will mention them if I was disappointed. At times I will add a link to their website. These are not paid links and I do not receive any compensation for them. This is an honest gesture to give companies and establishments which provide something new, interesting, fun, something above and beyond my expectations, some exposure and credit.

Advertising on this site is in the form of advertisements generated by a third party ad network. Those advertisements are located in the sidebar, and are identified as paid advertisements.

To avoid any conflict of interest:

  • If I ever receive compensation for providing any information, advice, or recommendations on redheadedtravels, I will let my readers know, usually at the bottom of the post.
  • If I ever receive compensation for mentioning any company or product on my travel blog I will let my readers know, usually at the bottom of the post.
  • If I ever receive free products or services which I mention on my travel blog, I will let my readers know, usually at the bottom of the post.
  • And I won’t recommend a product or place that I didn’t like, just because it was free. Period.

10 thoughts on “about me”

  1. Heading to Aus in July/Aug then on to Borneo for 10 days from there. All pretty loose at th mo coz still in planning stages. Taking girls out of school to ‘do’ South Island in May, home in July then Aus. Plan is to travel around Eastern half of Aus, fitting in a flight to Borneo sometime in the middel, toying with brief trip to Komodo to see the dragons if we can work it in. Home sometime in Sept.The planning is time consuming but fun – just hope it’s not more fun thant the actual trip!

  2. Hey, Vicki! How goes it? Just perusing your blog. It’s really great. Wow, girl, you’ve really got around. I’m planning a trip to Borneo – ever been there? Any tips???

    1. Hi Trudy, how have you been – it’s been a while! Thanks for the kind words 🙂 I have not been to Borneo yet but really want to get there one day, so you’ll have to fill me in on it when you get back – when are you going? Great to hear from you, cheers Vicki

  3. I wondered if you’d noticed I’d borrowed your feet:) Vietnam and Cambodia, how great was that!

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