19, Feb, 2019

About Me

can remember the exact moment I got the travel bug, in January 1988. It was in the bazaar in Fez, Morocco. The sound and sight of snake charmers, the smell of leather and dust and garlic snails, the pitched voices and extended hands of the touts all swirling around me and something clicked in my head – it was culture shock and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Yes, hard to believe now, but there once was a time of travel before laptops, internet, iphones, or facetime. A time where we would sit down at dusk with a cold beer (there are very few places in the world where you cannot find a cold beer when you need one) and write our travel diaries.

So if you follow me on this journey, you’ll get a mix of travel now and travel over the last 30 years – yes, all those old diaries have come in handy, I find them lingering in the bottom of my drawers and its time to drag them out.

Top ten things to know about Vicki

  • Nationality – New Zealand – land of the kiwis
  • Lives – Sydney, Australia – seduced by sand, surf and sun.
  • Has also lived – NZ growing up, London, UK for 10 years from ‘87 to ’97, and then gorgeous Sydney.
  • Pays the bills – as an accountant in the corporate world, mainly startup/tech companies – and enjoys it way more than you might think.
  • Redhead credentials 1.- born boringly fair headed, tending to shades of yellow, once kindly described as strawberry blonde by a loving Nana, embraced the bottled bright red in my early twenties and never looked back.
  • Redhead credentials 2. – thousands of freckles – although they almost disappeared when I lived in the sunless UK for ten years, now back with a vengence.
  • Redhead credentials 3. – can display a fiery temper when required, so do not talk to me before my first caffeine of the morning. Well I used to say caffeine but I’ve since given it up, so it’s still advisable to tip-toe around me in the mornings!
  • Number of countries visited so far – 80+, if the borders would stop changing it would be easier to keep track.
  • Favourite past-time – traveling.
  • Favourite things to do while traveling – eat, drink and walk everywhere (not necessarily in that order).