Looking Back through my Blog: My 7 Links

It’s a bit presumptuous really, I’ve only been blogging for 18 months, and I’m not exactly prolific – but when I saw people blogging under the #My7Links project I thought it was a really interesting idea put out there by @Tripbase and I really wanted to take part. So after some begging, pleading and grovelling on my part, my lovely southern-hemisphere friend @clareappleyard nominated me to join in.

And then I promptly disappeared for about 10 days on a work project. I’ve finally re-surfaced this evening, I have a nice glass (OK, bottle) of McLaren Vale Cabernet Merlot to hand, and I’ve finally put fingertips to keyboard. So here goes: my 7 links – do you agree with my choices?

My most beautiful post

Twiga (giraffe) in the Ngorongoro Conservation area
Twiga (giraffe) in the Ngorongoro Conservation area

For a while I struggle with the word beautiful – I can’t decide if it should be a blog post of  an experience that I found beautiful, where I think my words are beautiful, or where the pictures are beautiful? Then I remember that my flickr still gets more views per day than my blog, so that might suggest that my photo’s are more “beautiful” than my words, and I plump for a blog highlighting the beautiful ridiculous giraffes of Tanzania, my Tall Tales of Twiga 

My most popular post.

Trinidad, Cuba, colour, music, sun
Trinidad, Cuba, colour, music, sun

How to measure popularity? I’ve scoured my traffic stats, comments and retweets and it seems my most popular post is Hot Salsa Nights in Trinidad, Cuba. Which makes me very happy, because I fell in love with Cuba when I went there a couple of years ago. Every time I am reminded of the people I travelled with, the people I met, the music, the culture, the fascinating combination that is Cuba, well I just can’t stop smiling. I hope the people who read this post get a little bit of the same feeling. Or even better, go to Cuba!

My most controversial post

Folsom St Leather Fair, a San Francisco festival
Folsom St Leather Fair, a San Francisco festival

I am a little bit disappointed that I haven’t really attracted any great controversy. I must be playing it too safe – oh well, a new goal for the future. In the meantime, the closest thing to a controversy I can pull up is a blog post that got me my first really negative comment – as you can tell, I am perversely proud of that. So here’s to the weekly PhotoFriday topic of “street” which inspired my The Eye-Popping Folsom Street Leather Fair, San Francisco blog post.

My most helpful post

Is the Taj Mahal really boring? Agra, India
Is the Taj Mahal really boring? Agra, India

I’m not sure I have ever written anything really helpful. I aim for readable and even interesting, but helpful? So this is a bit tangential but I’m linking this to Top 10 Most Disappointing Travel Experiences. Travel is an amazingly positive experience, but occasionally something I am looking forward to does disappoint me. Maybe it’s helpful to share those experiences with others? To be honest I was hoping at least one of these ten might be controversial but it didn’t start any arguments at all – maybe this time around!

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

A trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar gave me a nice little anecdote about the chances of my luggage arriving on my flight with a particular airline, with a little twist about who you sit next to. So I wrote what I considered to be a little throw-away post based on that anecdote. And somehow Google has picked up on that tag #luggage and has sent a ridiculous amount of traffic to that post. Judging by the bounce rate, I’m guessing most of that traffic wanted something a little bit more retail based. So although it’s successful in traffic terms, it’s really not successful in ‘customer satisfaction’ terms. If nothing else, it’s been a useful learning experience. How to travel without luggage (even if you start with some)

A Post I Feel Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

Felucca trip Egypt
Felucca trip Egypt

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t want their blog posts to get more attention! But the one I kept coming back to, that I think might’ve appealed to many more people if only they had seen it, is my story of my  Felucca Trip from Hell.

The Post I Am Most Proud Of

The Tannery, Fez, 1988
The Tannery, Fez, 1988

Wow, this must be like picking your favourite child? I mean, really, I am proud of all of them. Or maybe just proud of myself for even attempting them. So I am going to go out on a limb and nominate Fez, Morrocco – how I got the travel bug. Why am I proud of it? It’s a personal tale of  the moment I realised I had been hit with the travel bug, a moment that really changed my life for the better. I hope you enjoy it.

And to get more people enjoying this fun project, I nominate these five fun & diverse bloggers to also do their 7 links:

@kezisms ;  @capitalwinescraftyclaudes; @rachelhamada; @neanster77

12 thoughts on “Looking Back through my Blog: My 7 Links”

  1. Hey Vicki, just came across your blog while looking for the answer through a forum posting! Great blog and I LOVE this 7 posts idea. How can someone (myself) get nominated to do it? I’d love to do this on my blog to end the year!
    Steve recently posted..There’s still time …

    1. Steve, you’ve been nominated, it’s that easy – I just tweeted you the invite:) Also click on the @Tripbase link in my first paragraph and that will give you more information. Have fun with it – I checked out your blog ,love the knitting, even if its the wrong season down here

  2. You are right, it is impossible to pick a favorite blog post!

    That being said, I really like the post that you chose 🙂

  3. I so love this idea. I love the chance to visit what you have chosen as your 7. Thanks for nominating me!! I’m getting started now 🙂

  4. I just LOVE this project – it’s a great introduction to new blogs and a chance to maybe catch some hand-picked posts that you haven’t already read! AND … not least, it’s a way to learn a little more about the blogger!! I’m off to do some more reading! Have a great weekend!!

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