Blissful Ballooning Over Beautiful Bagan

It is hard to imagine too many places that are better suited to a sunrise hot air balloon trip. In Bagan the 2200 temples and pagodas are spread across a small plain in the elbow of the Irrawaddy river. In the dry months it is flat, warm and calm.

The flight path starts to the north and had us float through old Bagan to land in the south. The balloon pilot keeps circling the basket around,without disturbing the balloon’s overall direction, so we all get to see in all directions in turn. We go up to 1.7 kms, and down to barely brushing the tops of palms.

 In the east, the sun is rising in a blaze of colour, and anything in front of it is silhouetted, but most of the temples are on, or to the west of, the flight path, so there wasn’t much to see directly into the sunrise.

 Look towards the west and the east facing sides of temples and pagodas are ablaze in the warmth of the new sun.

 Look to the North and all the home fires combine into dreamy hazy snakes of smoke across the landscape, and North East gave lovely pink and brown tones to the haze.

 Look south and it looks like a clear and sunny day, basking in a golden glow.


And to round it out, I have added a few shots of Bagan at sunset from a temple top.

5 thoughts on “Blissful Ballooning Over Beautiful Bagan”

  1. I visited Bagan this january (2015) and did a flight by baloon. It was one of my absolute highlights of my life. If not THE highlight. And i have visited 100 countries and done so many things (black water rafting in New Zeeland, zip lines in Costa Rica, the worlds highest bungy in South Africa and so on). But the baloons over Bagan is hard to beat. Simply amazing.

  2. AMAZING pictures!! Bagan is what I’m most looking forward to on my upcoming trip. Judging by your lovely photos, I think taking a hot air balloon is the way to go!! 🙂

    1. I had wanted to do a hot air balloon flight forever – I think Bagan may be the best spot in the world for this, hope you get up there!

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