My third favourite drink in Myanmar

Avocado juice – a popular drink in Myanmar.

Cool, smooth and creamy on a hot day – it’s no wonder that we all quickly adopted Avocado juice as our juice of choice in Myanmar. It was available pretty much everywhere. It’s true that it was a close race between Avocado juice and fresh Coconut juice (through a straw straight out of the coconut), but avocado wins for me based on ease of holding and carrying.

We all come back from trips wanting to recreate the food we enjoyed on our travels, and sometimes we even carry through on it. This time, I purchased Tin Cho Chaw’s burmese cookbook, which not only gave me the recipe for Avocado juice, but also for Avocado ice cream, so I had to try them both.

The avocado juice is simple, although not quite as healthy as we tried to persuade ourselves while in Myanmar (I’d better not get too attached to this). Make this like a smoothie (which is what it really is) -Take the flesh of one large ripe avocado, a little condensed milk, 25g caster sugar, and a glass of milk, and whizz/beat till smooth. Sit back in the shade and drink.

I hadn’t tasted the ice cream before, but I needed to give it a go. The ice cream was simple – no fancy ice cream maker needed. Take another large avocado (flesh), 25g castor sugar, 1 tbsp milk, and whizz/beat all together. In another bowl whip 120ml cream into soft peaks. Fold the avocado mixture lightly into the whipped cream, and pour into a shallow plastic container. Freeze for 3-4 hours, stirring occasionally. Remove from the freezer 10 minutes before serving.

I prefer the “juice”to the ice cream – the rich smooth taste in a glass was a bit bland in an ice cream, but I made a second batch with less sugar and added fresh lime juice, which was more to my taste.

And if you are wondering what my first and second favourite drinks in Myanmar were? Myanmar beer and Myanmar rum of course, both went down nicely on a hot day!

Without doubt the healthiest drink was the fresh coconut juice. We never had the right tools to break them open properly after drinking the juice, but there were always kids around we could give them too, who, with their much smaller hands,  loved scraping out the fresh flesh as well. Great recycling effort!

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