Is Lump Charcoal Really that Good?

The 7 Best Lump Charcoals of 2020Charcoal briquettes are very good for grilling. It produces delicious smoke and char only a few pieces of meat at a time. In addition, a char is a natural way to dry out the meat and smoke meat to a medium flavor.

Charcoal briquettes burn slower than Lump Charcoal for Grilling. They are best used on the grill as you will have more control on what side the charcoal is placed. You can put the charcoal in the middle or side of the grill. As charcoal is heated up it heats the air around it, it also turns the other coals to coals and this turns the hot coals into flame.

Cleaning a charcoal grill is easy and takes only minutes. Remove the debris from the grill. Put them in a trash bag and throw them away. Once all the debris is removed from the grill, you can return the grill to the grill either by placing it in the center of the grill or in the side of the grill.

Place a rack over the grate so the top is even with the bottom of the charcoal briquettes. Place the charcoal briquettes into the rack and close the lid. Close the lid and allow it to preheat for about 10 minutes. Once the temperature reaches 180 degrees leave the lid down.

Top 10 Lump Charcoals

Use tongs to flip the grill over and put the lid back on. Turn the heat on the grill to medium. Cover the grill once again and let it begin to preheat for five minutes. When the grill reaches a high temperature, cover the grill and allow it to cool off. Clean off the grill, but keep the rack.

Turn the grill on to its highest setting. Make sure the rack is still on the grill. Then place a single pound of hamburger on the grill. If it doesn’t fit, you may need to add a little extra to the charcoal briquettes. Let the hamburger sit there for two minutes then remove it.

Flip the hamburger over so that the top side is facing down. Place another one on the grill, but this time put it on the grill at the same time with the top facing up. Close the lid and continue to cook until the hamburger is medium rare.

Clean the grill off and let it cool. Reinstall the rack. Do not forget to keep the rack in the grill if you want the burgers to stay hot.

The 7 Best Lump Charcoals of 2020

While the burgers are cooking, start preparing the grill. Prepare the grill by putting the metal rack in the center of the grill. Place a heating element on the bottom and side of the grill.

Place the rack on the grill and turn it on. Place the food in the rack and turn the fire switch to the “grill” position. This will make the food smoke as it cooks. During the cooking process, turn the heat switch to the highest setting.

After about ten minutes to remove the rack from the grill and turn the heat switch off. Place the rack and wait until the temperature on the grill reaches the desired temperature. Check on the hamburgers and they should be done.

If you aren’t comfortable cooking burgers on the grill, try the short ribs or brisket. If you want to try the real thing, ask for help from a professional killer. You’ll be happy you did.

Let’s encounter it, everybody loves a good outdated grill cookout. Grilling brings us collectively, eating basic and delicious meals, hanging around the fire, talking and bonding. High-quality meats, mushrooms, and veggies are important, yes, but people often forget about the fuel source. Using the greatest lump charcoal , you can find the hands-on is certainly paramount, if you would like to increase flavor.

We tested out one of the most popular lump charcoal brands, and decide to compile essential info into these lump charcoal reviews. Besides the brands themselves, we are going to touch upon some important stuff, tricks and tips on how to choose which lump charcoal you need to make use of for grilling, searing or cigarette smoking. Let’s obtain directly into it.

Greatest Lump Charcoal Testimonials

1. Jealous Devil All Organic Hardwood Lump Charcoal – 2 x 35LB

First up we’ve a double-handbag pack of organic hardwood lump charcoal from Jealous Devil. Each bag is made with high-quality, heavy-duty kraft paper, which ensures no breakings or spilling. They weigh 35 pounds each, making this a total of 70 pounds of lump charcoal.

The wood burned to make this charcoal is usually from South America, and it can withstand over 4 hours of intense cooking time or 20 hours of smoking time. Though it is a variety of many hardwood types, the flavor that sticks to the meals cooked upon this charcoal is certainly gentle and somewhat lovely. This helps it be great for any type of meat you would like to grill or smoke. The maximum temperature that can be achieved with this lump charcoal is usually 1170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jealous Devils claims that this type of coal is the most flexible and that with that feature it generally gives “restaurant-like” outcomes, which is pretty true because of the nice gentle flavor it offers off.

2. KamadoJoe KJ-CHARBOX Hardwood IMMENSE Lump Charcoal

Next up, we’ve lump charcoal made by one of the most famous grill makers around the globe, Kamado Joe. This particular sort of lump charcoal is known globally for its delivery and consistency. It comes dual loaded in a container and heavy-duty paper handbag, for extra protection from humidity and crushing.

With this, you obtain 20 pounds of lump charcoal. Wooden burned to understand this high-quality gasoline is definitely Argentinian hardwood, ecologically processed. The majority of pieces are large, which is fantastic, however, there are some smaller items, which Kamado Joe recommends becoming used for better ignition.

This make of charcoal can last for 5 or even more hours of severe grilling, and it enhances your meal with a solid flavor of wooden, and therefore it provides some oak inside, despite the fact that it’s a mix of Argentinian hardwood. The top temp this lump charcoal can achieve burning is somewhere around 1100 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Fogo Super High quality Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Another popular choice among the grill masters that prefer moderate and mellow flavors is normally this oak lump charcoal from Fogo. This lump charcoal oak combine will come in a heavy-duty paper handbag, weighing a complete of 17.6 pounds. The handbag is extra solid for even more humidity security.

Today, it is very rare for oak charcoal to give out a moderate flavor. However, the people at Fogo found a great burning technique, which makes this charcoal restaurant grade. They actually managed to lower the max heat range, causeing this to be lump charcoal well suited for cigarette smoking and gradual cooking. It could withstand around 4 hours of grilling, and 20+ hours of cigarette smoking.

The strong fit of the lump charcoal may be the price of ignition. It requires only quarter-hour for your batch to attain the optimum fire rate and temperature, making it great for quick grilling sessions.

4. Royal Oak 195228071 Lump Charcoal

Even though the name of this lump charcoal brand suggests the coal origin, Royal Oak produced a great blend, with oak becoming the main component. It will come in a heavy-duty paper handbag for extra safety, and it weighs a total of 8.8 pounds.

This lump charcoal brings that true smell and flavor of grill we all know. This is thanks to the mixture of four different renewable hardwoods: Oak (main), hickory, walnut, and maple. Having such a mixture enables it to burn off at higher temps, which is perfect for searing and heavy-grilling.

The great thing concerning this lump charcoal can be that it leaves a reduced amount of ash after use, as opposed to the other similar types from its price range. It lights pretty quickly, and the mixture is made from mostly larger bits of charcoal. The temperatures rises to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it very popular with steak chefs.

5. BIG CP 20-pound handbag of organic lump charcoal

If you ever used, or even just stumbled upon an excellent kamado grill, it’s likely that that you discovered Big Green Egg brand. They focus on smoking and lengthy cooking food, and their lump charcoal lives up to the name. The heavy-duty paper handbag is dual sealed, and it packs a total of 20 pounds of lump charcoal.

The wood used to make these lumps is usually part oak part hickory, with oak being the dominant flavor. This tells us that the flavor, this charcoal will bring to the table, will mainly be strong, somewhat bitter and that the smell may also be prevalent. Because kamado grills are utilized for gradual cooking and cigarette smoking generally, this lump charcoal was designed to last for a long period. It can withstand 6+ hours of grilling, and 25+ hours of smoking, depending on your wishes and grilling skills.

6. Fogo! Carbon de Lena Hardwood Charcoal 8.8lb Bag

Last on this list, we have another popular lump charcoal package coming from Fogo once again, with that one being somewhat more affordable. It really is loaded in a heavy-duty plastic-coated bag, which makes it extra-guaranteed against humidity. The handbag weighs a total of 8.8 pounds.

The bag contains a mix of smaller and larger pieces, making the charcoal even more ideal for grilling instead of smoking and gradual cooking food. This South American mixture of renewable hardwood light pretty very easily and lasts for 3+ hours of weighty grilling on high temps. Searing the meat is another strong suit of this lump charcoal, but its versatility depends on your requirements, of training course.

Despite the fact that a lot of the combine can be burned oak tree, this lump charcoal will improve your meals with softer, milder flavors, which is somewhat rare for this type of tree.

What is Lump Charcoal?

So, we are sure you have certainly noticed lump charcoal at a BBQ party, or possibly you have utilized some yourself right now. However, few people think about what lump charcoal is definitely, and the journey to a skilled grill chef begins with lump charcoal and its utilization. To put it simply, lump charcoal is normally burnt hardwood. However the burning procedure includes a twist: it really is performed in a particular environment, achieving multiple effects.

The sole purpose of making lump charcoal in such conditions is normally keeping the caloric value (burning value) of the wood intact. Manufacturers do not just burn wood, they tend to it in order to make quality charcoal for your grill. While burning, all water and natural oil residue are evaporated, which furtherly increases the toughness and framework of the lumps themselves. The procedure is sometimes repeated actually, but that is obviously a scenario less inclined to happen.

Hardwood used for making lump charcoal can originate from various places, however, two main sources are the most common: industrial forest areas and lumber mills. Wood originating straight from the forests are receiving rarer each day, for apparent environmental factors, and lumber mills had been verified to be a valid source of high-quality hardwood, under several conditions that are:

  1. The wood provided must be entirely lumps since the volume will shrink a little through the making process.
  2. There must be no foreign objects (nails, chemicals, plastic, etc.) inside the hardwood supply, no matter the origin.
  3. Despite the fact that there may be a variety of differing types of hardwood, the plant species should always end up being known, regardless of how many are inside.

Lump charcoal made a comeback since the technology behind it got cleaner, and the hardwood source origin became controlled and regulated. There are some downsides which we will touch upon afterwards.

What IS IT POSSIBLE TO Make with Lump Charcoals?

What can’t you? When you have a portable grill, a huge outside griddle or perhaps a kamado grill, lump charcoal is an excellent source of heat. Of course, the preferences vary from cook to cook, but one thing is for several: whenever a high temperature is certainly on demand, lump charcoal will deliver. Some also move as high as 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. We believe lump charcoal is certainly ideal for smoking meat and veggies, because smoking takes occasions and patience, and it is the easiest method to transfer that unique dash of wood taste to your meal.

Lump charcoal is favored by smokers, yes, but that’s not the just region it excels in. Simply regular grilling is normally on the table too. Even though griddle owners do not like to admit it, large outdoor griddles function great if fueled by lump charcoal. Besides, perhaps you have ever tasted a complete eggs and bacon breakfast prepared on charcoal? We ensure that it is an unique experience, no matter the simplicity of the meals you prepare.

Finally, another strong fit of lump charcoal is normally searing. The process of quickly burning the meat to a crust, while leaving the inside medium rare, is one to end up being practiced. And, the ultimate way to get the hands of it really is to make use of charcoal. It’ll provide high temperature on demand, raising the temp quite high without the long wait.

To conclude the answer to this broad question: it depends. The only thing that keeps you back from making various recipes, exotic and regular, is your imagination and experience. The later is obtained very easily simply by grilling, and lump charcoal will certainly be considered a solid partner.

Lump Charcoals versus. Briquettes

Ah yes, the yearlong debate: charcoal or briquettes. We wish to let you know that there is a simple “A over B” answer, but the situation is far from simple. Like many other fuels out there (gas, propane, electricity), both lump charcoal and briquettes provide various things to your BBQ party.

The most crucial thing that people should always value is taste, so when it involves it, lump charcoal requires the cake. Let’s place it such as this: you want your food to keep its taste (through juices and spices), but you would also like to enhance that taste by grilling it, using some sort of fuel.

Lump charcoal will do that: it’ll allow original flavor dominate, nonetheless it will add something exclusive to the complete flavor palette. Usually, it is the smoky taste we all like, and that got us in the grilling game to begin with. It may also be a distinctive flavor some types of hardwood can keep behind while burning up. Same can’t be said for briquettes. They are made to burn controllably and in order to do that some flammable chemicals are added. That is why in the taste game, charcoal wins by a huge margin. Using briquettes, you will surely have a somewhat chemical flavor on your own meat or vegetables, and, let’s end up being honest, nobody wants that.

You must be wondering where’s the debate then, and why is usually “lump charcoal vs. briquettes” still a dilemma nowadays. Well, we do state that the reply is not that basic, and the options are a lot for both gasoline types.

Charcoal has the feature of heating up pretty quickly, and it can go up to extremely high temperatures. However, with regards to fire balance, briquettes consider the earn. Some cooks need absolute accuracy from their gasoline supply, and briquettes deliver. There’s no easier way to put it: briquettes can burn on much more stable temperatures and, are controlled better, than lump charcoal. But, do not forget, that with more than enough experimenting and learning, you could have similar high temperature outcomes with lump charcoal aswell.

Finally, a somewhat big difference between these two burning fuels is the shape. Charcoal, as you can conclude from the name of this guide, comes in lumps, and briquettes tend to be designed to be smaller sized, standardized pieces. Whenever we are discussing smoking food, specifically in kamado grills, the bigger the chunks (or lumps), the better. Briquettes can seldom approach this challenge with success.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Lump Charcoal

You have probably already figured out some of the features that you need to expect from this fuel resource. Lump charcoal ‘s been around for millennia, and it has specs to verify its long-lasting reputation. However, there is nothing ideal, and we believe knowing both sides of the coin is the best way to proceed, because knowledge is power after all. So, lets put up a few lists, marking all of the ups and downs of the exceptional fuel supply.

1. ADVANTAGES of Using Lump Charcoal

Any experienced BBQ chef will let you know that choosing the correct kind of gasoline for your grill or smoker is normally similarly important as will be the spices, substances, and cooking period. Which could not become more right. Lump charcoal brings a couple of good stuff to your BBQ party, which makes it an unique encounter.

  1. Longevity – Lump charcoal will possess the longest burn time among coal types of fuel. It could endure cooking classes longer than 3 hours easily, which makes it an excellent asset, specifically for individuals who grill frequently and for many people. Other styles of burning fuel will often need more refills and more tending to than lump charcoal.
  2. Flavor – Ah yes, the unique taste of smoke in your meal. The good sort of program. Lump charcoal can be often the #1 1 choice for smoking cigarettes meats and vegetables. Why? Since it gets the grill popular fast and will keep it that way for a long, long time. You control the heat by air venting, and the smoke does the rest. Many other items tried to do this level of taste, but nothing at all beats the initial taste supply.
  3. Reusability – This feature appeals even more to the financial side of things. Charcoals like this can be reused when not burned entirely. All you have to do is usually close the grill, choke the fire in an air-free lock, and you are set for tomorrow. This feature saves money, yes, but it also makes camping trip grilling sessions much easier.
  4. Less flare for more warmth – This essentially means that charcoal has less chance to flare up and make a mess than the other fuels out there, especially gas. That is amazing since it brings the best temperature ranges to your grill’s cardiovascular.
  5. Sparks – Charcoal can make fewer sparks, based on the standard of program. Extra sparks from the flame can often ruin the meat taste, and lumps that are well-made will not give off any sparks at all, making it extra hassle-free for people who like to take their time preparing food on their grills.

2. The Disadvantages of Using Lump Charcoal

As we mentioned previously above, there is nothing ideal, and that pertains to lump charcoal aswell. Some downsides are well-known, plus some are even more intricate. To be able to not really get amazed, here are a few drawbacks to anticipate:

  1. Carbon footprint – Lump charcoal is normally 90% carbon, and that brings some problems along. Burning up charcoal leaves a larger carbon footprint on the surroundings than gas (or propane). Better brands have a tendency to lower this by better rules, but it is normally still harmful to some extent. That is why it is important to get organic lump charcoals because they’re recognized to have a significant lower carbon emission price.
  2. HCA warnings – HCA is normally a substance in the meals that some relate with cancerous illnesses. But consider this with a grain of salt. No one ever got unwell due to grilled food straight, and people tend to blow the HCA warnings out of proportions when it comes to charcoal. To ease your mind in the case of a dilemma, you can constantly shorten your cook and exposure time by slicing the elements to thinner and smaller items.
  3. Temp control – This is not that big of a deal for people who are already into the grilling game. However, lump charcoal can be a bit difficult to use for first-timers. It is powerful and intensely potent with regards to heat creation, so be sure to practice a little bit. This especially is out to people who have kamado type grills, because once you review the wanted temperatures, you will need to wait around for some time to ensure that the charcoal to cool off.

Lump Charcoal Buying Guide

Now that we have seen the essential regarding this fuel source let us delve into all the things you should consider when getting a bag of charcoal for yourself. There are a lot of choices out there, and the more info you have, the sooner you will be consuming those delicious grilled steaks.

1. Lump Size

This may arrive off as good sense, however the size and form of lumps you enter the bag issues a whole lot. Some grills want larger chunks to end up being positioned not merely for high temperature but as a significant part of high temperature retention in the coal burning up chamber. Shoot for the largest lumps you can find your hands on, and be careful not to break them while storing the bag in your attic or basement.

If you by any chance get a bag with pieces of inconsistent size, it is possible that the charcoal got smashed during transport. Give it another chance, and if this continues happening, it is time to transformation the brand or get in touch with the company. It is accurate that differing types of hardwood lead to different shapes and sizes of lump charcoal, however, great coal will at all times stay entire if kept and transported correctly. Which brings us to another important subject to cover.

2. Taste Adjustments for Different Wooden Species

It really is no top secret that differing types of wood provide different tastes to the desk. It often takes time to understand what the whole palette woods get you, but we can give you some general recommendations, and that means you know where to start. This can best be tested out by cooking with homogenous lump charcoal.

  1. Birch – This is the high risk – high rewards type of wood. People usually use it to smoke both salt and freshwater fish. However, if the carbonization of the wood is not done properly, it may add a bitter flavor to the meat. So, make sure to test a sample before you go all out with the ingredients you wanted to cook with this kind of charcoal.
  2. Oak – It acts as the main ingredient of most lump charcoal mixes out there. It is a type of flavor you have surely tested. Oak tends to enhance the grilled food with a strong, slightly bitter taste, and an even stronger taste. This is normally the flavor that gets people into grilling to start with. A great deal of individuals often combine it with another kind on our list.
  3. Hickory – Regarded one of the biggest grill flavor enhancers (following to oak), hickory gives of a strong sensation, both smell, and taste-wise. It is mostly used for smoking, and it is great for grilling meats that are high in excess fat, like pork or beef.
  4. Cherry – Time to move away from strong and bitter tastes for a moment. Cherry lump charcoal gives an uniquely sweet and gentle aroma to the meats, and due to this, cooks frequently utilize it with tender meats like poultry, low-fat fish meats, and duck meats. It is also great for preparing mushrooms.
  5. Apple – Another flavor on this list you have certainly tried before, thanks to its availability and abundance. Apple is utilized for day-to-day meal prep in many restaurants, and the flavor it gives to the meat is certainly milder than oak or hickory, and it is suggested for any kind of meats, from low-fat seafood to venison and pork.
  6. Tree mixes – You can view from the list above you are already acquainted with a few of the tastes that different hardwood charcoal can offer. Probably, you have attempted food prepared on oak, hickory, or apple.

Finished . about hardwood lump charcoal is definitely that people try whichever they can get, and select the most fitting one for his or her taste buds. We encourage you to do the same whenever you get the chance.

3. Burning Temperature

Although we cannot say for certain which lump charcoal is the best at keeping the temperature, make sure to find out what kind of temperature fits the meals you need to make. Heat that lump charcoal can offer varies from brand to brand, and it will continually be written someplace on the product packaging.

Remember that there is absolutely no top limit, as lump charcoal can head to 1200, or sometimes actually 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. A guideline (that needs to be taken with a grain of salt) is: the brighter the original wood, the higher the temperature. This puts the cherry three charcoal on the lower, and oak on the higher scale.

4. Know Your Recipe and Your Grill

We are aware that knowing your recipe will go without saying, nevertheless, you would be astonished by just how much you can improve the food taste, no matter if it’s smoking, grilling, or searing, if you understand the recipe by cardiovascular, alongside the “hows” and “whys”. Different substances need different lump charcoal quantities and various handling in the end.

In the event that you become familiar with your grill’s heat range control system (usually a set of ventilation shafts), you will turn into a grill grasp in no time. This skill is mostly obtained through trial and error, and don’t be afraid to test and experiment. After all, the reward is worth it!

FAQ About Lump Charcoals

1. How should I pick a brand to stick to?

Well, the easy reply is – examining and more examining. This material is meant to end up being spent ultimately, and it could be better to go through many brands and tree types to be able to discover which one suits you greatest. The tree you select does not just bring new tastes but a different kind of temperature and fire generally. Celebrity with a combination, or a far more common type of tree, like oak or apple, and you’ll be on the right path.

2. Can I use the same lump charcoal load more than once?

Of course, you can. Charcoal is highly durable, and you will surely come to a situation when you need to make a reduced amount of meals or finish previous. In this instance, utilize the grill’s vent program to choke out the fire, and keep it to cool-down alone. Before firing up next time, check if there are wasted smaller sized pieces, have them out, and refill with some bigger lumps. In this manner your lump charcoal will be the cost-efficient, and it will leave a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

3. How long should charcoal burn before the cooking starts?

The general rule is to leave the ignite charcoal to burn for 15-30 minutes before you start the cooking session. After you burn it, you have enough time to prepare the meat and double check the substances. This 15-30-minute period will there be to ensure that each lump catches fire, and ensures a straight heat through the entire whole cooking procedure.

4. MUST I make use of igniting brokers to turn up the charcoal?

The safest wager is always to make use of a twig or a smaller sized little bit of wood to light it. That would be the most natural way, however, this method is not always available. Whichever option you pick, always use solid fire starters, like fire-starting tablets or solid fire-starting gas. You should completely avoid liquid fuels on the count that they are usually toxic when stuck to your food. Also, liquid igniting brokers are likely likely to damage the inside of your grill. This is out especially for people who very own ceramic or cast-iron griddles.

5. How must i shop lump charcoal?

Generally, lump charcoal will end up being loaded in a paper, or some kind of low-viscosity polyester handbag. Once you are finished with taking right out the required amount, ensure that you shop that handbag in a dried out place. Lump charcoal gets “spoiled” if it catches humidity, and it gets harder to ignite while changing taste improving features.

Also, be sure to shop it without flammable or fire-starting items or liquids around. Regarding fire, charcoal can burn off for much longer than whatever you possess in your garage, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Best Lump Charcoal Comparison Chart

Produt Burning Hours Size
Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal – 2 x 35LB 4+ 70
KamadoJoe KJ-CHARBOX Hardwood Extra Large Lump Charcoal 5+ 20
Fogo Super High quality Hardwood Lump Charcoal 4+ 17.6
Royal Oak 195228071 Lump Charcoal 3+ 8.8
BIG CP 20-pound bag of organic lump charcoal 6+ 20
Fogo! Carbon de Lena Hardwood Charcoal 8.8lb Handbag 3+ 8.8


Remember, that is an important element of every grill, smoke or sear recipe, and finding the absolute best lump charcoal is as important as locating the greatest steak, or the very best fish to smoke cigarettes. There exists a lot to be discovered, however the pay-off is indeed great that everyone you make for will probably be grateful you got the time to learn our lump charcoal testimonials and purchasing guide.

If you really want to commit, make a list of food you would like to prepare using the newly-acquired coal, and consult this guideline. Experiment and play with the flavors and tastes. Some people like their food well done and can opt set for a hotter-burning up lump charcoal handbag, while some choose the lovely and mild taste. It really is all your decision and your choices.


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